End of Tenancy Cleaning

End of Tenancy Cleaning London

Moving out of your property in London?

Moving out is usually associated with lots of stress. You have to organise the whole process. Start with considering all details carefully. Relocating is not something you can do in a minute. It comes not only to packing and transporting your personal belongings to your new home. Do not forget about paying the utility bills. Then you have to prepare for the final inspection.

In order to get back your full deposit at the end of your tenancy agreement, you must leave the property in its initial condition. The only way to ensure that is running flawless end of tenancy cleaning. It certainly sounds like a hard task which takes much time. And that is precisely the truth.
However, there is no place for panic. You can save your time, effort, and even money with the use of professional cleaning services! Thanks to our expert help, you will be able to pass the inventory check without any problems.

End of Tenancy Cleaning Nice and Clean London Includes:

Wiping and polishing all surfaces in the house/flat
Dusting, removing cobwebs, dirt and any kind of stains from all surfaces
Disinfecting windows on the inside
Internal and external sanitising of all drawers and cupboards
Vacuuming and mopping stairs and floors
Scrubbing and cleaning the toilet, the bathtub, the sink, and all bathroom fixtures

Our professional end of tenancy cleaning services London will leave your:

  •  Kitchen impeccable– don’t worry about all those greasy stains on the kitchen appliances and on the cupboards. Trust our skillful London end of tenancy cleaners and your kitchen will be sanitised from top to bottom. Worktops will be polished; all the dirty cutlery will be washed and polished to brilliance. No more cobwebs, no more filth on the floor – only sparkling clean surfaces.
  • Fresh and disinfected bathrooms – comprehensive disinfection will be accomplished in the bathroom and toilet premises. There will be no mould and limescale. Tiles, sinks, floors will be sanitised by our insured and vetted London end of tenancy cleaners.
  • Hallways and Entrance ways – fixtures, framework, ledges and sills will be gently wiped by our expert London tenancy cleaners. Hoovering carpets and rugs, mopping floors, polishing mirrors – all the necessary housekeeping tasks are included in our convenient London tenancy cleaning services.
  • Any other room – our friendly London end of tenancy cleaners will wipe your windows from the inside; your upholstery will be refreshed; dust and clutter will be eliminated; good aeration of the rooms is also delivered by our experienced London tenancy cleaning company.

In a brief, our team of well-trained end of tenancy cleaners is going to take proper care of all rooms, furniture, fittings and electrical appliances at your old home. Their professional approach and indisputable skills is all you need to be sure that everything will go smoothly. At the end of the this is the main goal – to have clean your property to perfection with no hassle. The service is completion build around you, this we will schedule the service for day and time best suitable for you.


How our End of Tenancy Cleaners London Stand Out From the Competition?

Our company has some significant advantages. We have summarised them here:

The assistance of our end of tenancy cleaners is suitable not only for tenants, but agencies and landlords. Even in case the latter is not satisfied with the outcome of our service, we will send our professionals back to the property for another procedure. That one will be free of charge.
Professional carpet and upholstery cleaning is not included in the package offered. You can request these services separately. If you book them as an addition to the end of tenancy cleaning, then you can benefit from some lucrative promotions. That is a chance not to be missed!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Care representatives on the following number 020 3670 2141!

Special tenancy cleaning offer

In addition to our tenancy clean service, we various special offers which are custom tailored for your particular needs and property. If you combine your tenancy cleaning with carpet washing or external window cleaning we will add up Discount up to 50%. Please call in and inquiry within and our customer service representatives will create special offer especially for you!

Pre Tenancy cleaning

We are happy to confirm that our professional cleaning services are perfectly suitable for your Pre Tenancy cleaning needs. Our move in cleaners are trained how to tidy your new house or rental property up to high standard. And most importantly we will make you feel at home. Based on our experience we do recommend pre tenancy cleaning even the end of lease cleaning. Then we can enter to nice and clean property.

Our Pre-tenancy cleaning services includes a thorough cleaning of the entire rental property. Thus ensure it is in top condition for the new tenants. The specific tasks that are included in the service can vary depending on the provider, but generally the cleaning will include:
  • Kitchen: cleaning of all appliances, including the oven, stove, refrigerator, and dishwasher. As well as wiping down cabinets, countertops, and sinks.
  • Bathrooms: cleaning of all fixtures, including the shower, bathtub, and toilet. As well as wiping down countertops and mirrors.
  • Living areas: dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces. Including floors, furniture, and window sills.
  • Bedrooms: dusting and vacuuming of all surfaces, including floors, furniture, and window sills.
  • Windows: cleaning of all windows, both inside and outside (if possible)
  • Carpets: deep cleaning or vacuuming
  • Additional tasks such as cleaning the gutters, exterior of the property Or outside areas may be included depending on the service.

End of Lease Cleaning PRICES

We always aim to provide the best possible service on the best possible price. That is why our services are very compatetive. At the end of the day customer satisfaction is very important for us. Below is small example of our price list.

End of Tenancy and Carpet Cleaning

Studio flat with carpets from£119.00
One bedroom flat with carpets from£177.00
Two bedroom flat with carpets from£199.00
Two bedroom house with carpets from£219.00
Three bedroom flat with carpets from£237.00
Three bedroom house with carpets from£309.00
Four bedroom house with carpets from£349.00
Five bedroom house with carpets from£379.00

Note: when you book End of Tenancy together with Hot Steam Carpet cleaning, you get 50% off the regular carpet cleaning price.

End of Tenancy Cleaning

Studio flat from£109.00
One bedroom flat from£149.00
Two bedroom flat from£167.00
Two bedroom house from£189.00
Three bedroom flat from£199.00
Three bedroom house from£249.00
Four bedroom house from£279.00
Five bedroom house from£299.00


Frequently asked questions about end of tenancy cleaning London.

Q: Do you offer carpet cleaning service?
A: Yes, we do offer you carpet cleaning service. If you book it together with the move out cleaning then we will apply discount.

Q: What is included in the move out cleaning?
A: Our move out cleaning is top to bottom cleaning of the whole property. Our service is compliant with the lease agents cleaning list.
Q: How long does the cleaning take?
A: We do send a team of professional cleaners. However the cleaning time depends on two factors. 1st is the size of the property and the 2nd is its condition. However usually we are done with in 3-5 cleaning hours.

Q: Do I have to be present during the cleaning?
A: This is entirely up to you. If you wish you can attend the cleaning service or if you wish you can simply come by at the end to inspect the cleaning.

Q: Can you pick up the key from the letting agents?
A: Yes, we can pick up and return the key to the letting agents.

Q: How many cleaners do you send?
A: We send team of professional tenancy cleaners. The team can be from two to five persons. That depends on the size of your property.
Q: Is the oven cleaning included in the end of lease cleaning?
A: Yes, the standard oven is included in our move out cleaning service in London.
Q: Should I defrost the freezer beforehand?
A: Please defrost the freezer on the night before the cleaning service.
Q: Do you clean the windows from the inside out?
A: Only the inside window cleaning is included in the tenancy clean. If you wish to add the external window cleaning we will be happy to apply discount.
Q: Do you provide the cleaning detergents and equipment?
A: Yes, we provide all cleaning equipment and detergents. You dont have to provide anything.
Q: Can you carry the service over the weekend or on bank holiday?
A: Yes, we do provide service over the weekend or on bank holidays. Please note that there is no additional cost added for work over the weekend.
Q: Do you require deposit payment?
A: No, we do not require deposit payment, however you can put a deposit towards the booking. Then we can send another team in case your original one has an emergency and is not able to attend.
Q: Do you have cancellation fee?
A: Please note that £50.00 cancellation fee is added if you cancel 48 hours prior the service. However if you cancel in 24 hours or less then the cancellation fee is 50% of the price of the service.
Q: How much does end of tenancy cost?
A: The price of the tenancy is based on the size of your property and the additional service that you require (if any). Our prices range from £90.00 to £500.00.

Q: Do I have to pay for parking?
A: Yes, the parking fees (if any) are added on top of the price. Please note that the congestion charge (if anu) is also added on top of the price.

Q: Are there any hidden costs?
A: No, you are provided with the final price before startind with the service, so they are no surprices at the of the move out cleaning.

Q: Do you offer booking on short notice?
A: Yes, we do offer tenancy cleaning on short notice. Pleas note that this is subject of availability in your area.
Q: Do you work with letting agents?
A: Yes, we do work with letting agent and landlods. We do offer special prices for working with them as well!